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Since 1966, the Miniature Bull Terrier Club of America has brought together people from all walks of life and around the world, united by one goal: promoting excellence in breeding and caring for miniature bull terriers.

If you love miniature bull terriers, you should be a member of MBTCA. We offer education on breeding, showing, training, and playing and living with MBTs — at our shows, through social media, and in publications such as the quarterly “A Little Bull” magazine (which members receive free of charge).

We offer four types of open membership:

  • Individual membership is open to adult residents of the United States. Individual members enjoy all the privileges of the Club including voting and holding office. Individual memberships cost $50/year.

  • Household membership consists of two adults living in the same house in the United States. Each individual has his or her own voting privileges. $55/year.

  • International membership is open to nonresidents of the United States (or its territories and possessions). International members shall have all rights of membership except the right to hold office. $65/year.

  • Junior membership is open to those U.S. residents under the age of 18. Junior members may not vote in club meetings or elections or hold office. Junior memberships are free of charge.

To join MBTCA, you must be sponsored by a current MBTCA member in good standing. 

New Member Application Procedures

New member applications must be sponsored by a current member of the MBTCA in good standing.

Application Process

  • The application has two parts: the Member Application Form, which is filled out by the prospective member, and the Sponsor Signature Form, which is completed by the current member sponsoring the application. Each form must be completed and submitted separately.

  • The New Member Chair submits a list of applicants to the MBTCA Board of Directors quarterly.

  • The list of applicants also is sent to all current members, who have 30 days to comment.

  • New member applications are voted on by the MBTCA Board of Directors in a secret ballot. To be accepted, each application must be approved by two-thirds of the Board.

  • If the application is denied, the applicant’s sponsoring member may present the application at the next annual meeting of the club (usually held in conjunction with the National Specialty Shows). The applicant must receive approval by 75 percent of the club members present.

  • Applicants who are rejected for membership may not reapply within 12 months.

To ensure timely processing of membership applications, please follow these guidelines:

  • Print all information very clearly so it can be easily read.

  • Letters of introduction are to be written by the applicant, not the sponsor. This letter takes the place of the applicant verbally introducing themselves to the Board, and is very informal.

  • All applications must be submitted directly to the New Member Chair only.

  • Any applications that are not submitted as outlined above, or that are not submitted directly to the New Member Chair, may be returned to the applicant for revision.

Send membership applications to the address provided on the application.

Send questions about membership applications to Claudia Sharp at

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