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Buying an MBT

Before buying or adopting any dog, do your homework. This website offers a wealth of resources to help you decide if a miniature bull terrier is right for you. Trust us — an MBT is not just any dog!

If you’ve decided to buy a purebred miniature bull terrier puppy, you’ve come to the right place. The Miniature Bull Terrier Club of America is the only AKC-sanctioned national organization dedicated to the breeding of healthy, well-tempered minis that conform to the breed standard.

When you buy a purebred puppy from a responsible breeder such as one of our members, you get more than a dog. You also get:

  • Peace of mind, knowing that your puppy’s parents were carefully screened for health and temperament issues.

  • A new friend in your breeder, who loves your dog as much as you do. She’ll happily answer all your questions, take your panicked calls and texts with aplomb, and like all your dog pictures on Facebook.

  • No surprises! You’ll know from day one how big your dog will grow to be, how she’s likely to behave, and what you need to do to keep her happy.

  • A head-start on socialization, because your puppy has been handled from its birth.

  • A new community of fellow MBT owners who share your fascination with this amazing breed!

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